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Photo Scanning Solutions

Albums of photos that are fading, film negatives that you can't identify and random boxes of 35mm slides can all be made available once again.

*Note: color correction, exposure level adjustment, dust removal, and simple editing are included. More complex editing is available for an additional fee.

JPG copy of photo print:
$25 for the first 35 pictures, 50 cents for each additional photo.
Size: 2 x 2” up to 8.5 x 11.7”
Note: Professionally-shot photos (school portraits, etc.) cannot be copied due to copyright restrictions.

JPG copy of negative - 35mm or 120mm:
$25 for the first 35 negative frames, 50 cents for each additional frame.
Note: Each image in the negative strip counts as a frame.

JPG copy of 35mm slide:
$25 for the first 35 slides, 50 cents for each additional slide.
Note: Slides must have cardboard or plastic mounts.


Photo album scanning (JPG):
$25 for the first 35 pictures, 50 cents for each additional photo.


JPG files can be delivered on a data disc (CD/DVD) or a USB flash drive (up to 32 gigabytes). If additional flash drives are needed, they are $10 each. The data disc files can only be accessed on a computer DVD drive; the discs are not compatible with a Blu-Ray or DVD player. Files on the USB flash drive can be accessed via computer, or by plugging it into the USB port found on some televisions. Other file formats (TIFF, for example) are also available, but may not be compatible with all photo viewers or TVs.

Additional Services:

Duplication and Archiving

Animated photo montages with music can be done for an additional fee.

CD/DVD or USB flash drive duplication is $10 each.
Archiving service is $10 per disc or (32GB
 max) flash drive per year.

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