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Audio Transfer Solutions

Audio recordings on cassette, reel-to-reel tapes or vinyl LPs can be captured and copied to CDs or a USB flash drive. Please review the solutions below:

Analog Tape/Vinyl LP Record Source: 

Cassette, reel-to-reel tape or vinyl LP converted to a standard CD or mp3 files delivered on a data disc:

$20 per tape/LP, $7 each for additional CD copies.
Delivery on a USB flash drive is available for an additional $10.
Note: Standard CDs are limited to approximately 72 minutes of recording time.

These prices are for a single file per side; an additional charge of $3 per segment will be added for separating the file into individual tracks, except in the case of splitting the track if it exceeds the available time/space on the CD.

The standard CD should be compatible with home CD/DVD/BluRay players and car radios that have a CD player.

Most modern car radios will read mp3 files from a USB flash drive.

Digital Source:

CD to mp3 delivered on disc: 

$20 per CD. Delivery on a USB flash drive is available for an additional $10. Certain restrictions apply.

* Note: Duplication of copyrighted material such as LPs and commercial pre-recorded tapes is subject to the following restrictions:

You (or a duplication service) may make a single digital copy as either a backup copy or to listen to on another device. Example: Transferring the music from an LP to a CD in order to preserve the integrity of the record or to allow it to be played in the owner's car. It may not be redistributed (no selling or giving away copies), and the owner of the original must either retain both the original and the copy, delete the copy if they get rid of the original, or transfer ownership of both to the same party. To do otherwise is a violation of federal copyright laws.

Additional Services:

Duplication and Archiving

CD or USB flash drive duplication of non-copyrighted material is $10 each.
Archiving service is $10 per disc or (32GB max) flash drive per year.

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