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New! High Definition Option

We're excited to announce a new upgrade option; we can now upscale your Standard Definition files* to High Definition! And they'll look better than the original! 

What's The Deal?

Using our new process, we can enlarge (upscale) your Standard Definition videotape conversions* to High Definition, and the picture will look better than the original. Sounds crazy, right? The program actually uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to analyze each video clip and then enlarge it to HD standards, while also improving the detail and reducing picture noise. 

The HD upscaling option is available for the special price of only $10 per tape. Of course, this is in addition to the regular conversion cost. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

SD vs HD:

The video from Standard Definition sources (VHS, Betamax, 8mm video, DVD, etc.) is both lower in quality and a relatively small image size compared to High Definition. And even though most DVDs are widescreen and look better than videotapes, they're still SD.  If you've ever watched a DVD on an HDTV, you know that the image is not as good as that of a Blu-Ray disc or the signal from satellite or cable. Also, since either the DVD player or the TV has to enlarge the image to fill the screen, it lowers the quality of the image even further.


Our upscaling process eliminates the need for those lower-quality upscaling methods and instead creates a High Definition video viewable in full size on your computer or Smart TV. 

*Note: This offer only applies to files delivered to you on USB flash drives or data discs, since standard DVDs cannot support HD files.  Also, since VHS, Betamax and 8mm video are not widescreen, the files we create (SD or HD) will have black bars on the sides. Remember to change your TV's aspect ratio from 16:9 (widescreen) to 4:3, or the videos will appear stretched. Oh, and don't forget to switch it back when you're done watching your videos!

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